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We employ a conservative, balanced, and disciplined approach to investing that aims to help you meet your goals while minimizing your risk. We believe that the best way to achieve this outcome is to make sure that your portfolio reflects the right mix of asset classes as well as the optimal selection of individual securities.

According to a landmark study by Brinson, Hood, and Beebower, “Determinants of Portfolio Performance,” more than 90% of the variation of investment returns among institutional portfolios can be attributed to asset allocation decisions. In other words, the most important decision a portfolio manager makes is how much to invest in different asset classes, including U.S. Treasury, quality corporate and high yield bonds, US stocks, foreign stocks, real estate, and cash equivalents. Yet many institutional and individual investors commonly care more about picking stocks or stock portfolio managers than about selecting the right balance of asset classes.

Burt Wealth Advisors utilizes this modern portfolio theory of asset allocation to manage its client portfolios. Asset allocation is based on decisions made by the firm’s investment committee. Led by Fred Cornelius, the committee meets regularly and works collaboratively to make investment decisions that are research-based and strategic in nature. The collective expertise of committee members helps drive the tactical asset allocation models that are designed to meet a range of client objectives, time horizons, and risk characteristics.

In addition, we take our fiduciary responsibility extremely seriously. Our primary allegiance is to the client. We do not sell any products and our fee-only approach ensures objectivity.

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