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Fees and Minimums


Fee Schedule
1.50% On the first $500k
0.80% On the next $250k
0.70% On the next $1.25m
0.60% On the next $4m
0.50% On the next $4m
0.40% On the Amount above $10M


Burt Wealth Advisors provides fee-only wealth management services to individuals, retirement plans, trusts, corporate accounts, and endowment funds, etc., with at least $1 million of investable assets. We have no incentive to select investments that pay commissions or to trade too actively in an account. We actively search and screen for low expense investments and do not sell any proprietary products. Fees are subject to a minimum fee of $937.50 per quarter. Burt Wealth, in its sole discretion, may charge a lesser investment management fee based upon certain criteria (i.e. anticipated future earning capacity, anticipated future additional assets, dollar amount of assets to be managed, related accounts, account composition, competition, negotiations with client, etc.)

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